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Olive Biomass can be cathegorised as agricultural waste biomass. Olive biomass is produced from olive cake. Olive cake is a by-product of olive oil production and is a solid material consisting of seed particles and the fleshy parts of olive. The Mediterranean region represents 98% of the world's olive tree population, and Turkey is among the top five main olive oil producer countries around the world.

Materials, thought as wasted, are being recycled to olive biomass with proper production methods according with the criteria of national authorities.

A major strength of Olive Biomass is that olive biomass is reliable, renewable, and relatively inexpensive. It is a readily available energy source of high calorific value.

The use of biomass for energy causes no net increase in carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere. In addition, using olive biomass to produce energy is eco-friendly way to dispose of waste materials that otherwise would create environmental risks: contaminate soil and pollute the underground water system.

Therefore olive biomass is a suitable replacement of fossil fuels and the development of olive-residues-to-energy chains (including biomass briquetting plants, logistics networks, biomass power stations) can be a promising source for the creation of new job opportunities and solution to the olive industry waste management.

This type of biomass does not take agricultural land out of food production (uses industrial waste residue), it has reduced CO2 features and it is cheaper than oil, gas or wood.

Orkon has added "olive biomass" to its natural product range and provides dry pirina, pellet pirina and seed pirina in bulk.

All our products are conforms the criterias of national authorities.

Fuel Comparison Chart

Coal Lygnite 5,40 kWh/kg % 65
African 6,98 kWh/kg % 65
Russian 8,14 kWh/kg % 65
Wood Furnace 3,14 kWh/kg % 65
Frunace ( Pyrolis ) 3,14 kWh/kg % 85
Electric 1,00 kWh % 99
Natura Gas 9,01 kWh/m³ % 90
Propan-Butan 12,91 kWh/kg % 92
Petroleum 11,93 kWh/kg % 75
Seed Chery 3,37 kWh/kg % 87
Apricot 3,49 kWh/kg % 87
Nut Crust 4,88 kWh/kg % 87
Seed Pirina 3,70 kWh/kg % 87
Pirina Pellets 60kmg 4,30 kWh/kg % 87